The Loft, Fortress Of Nerditude Part 2

I figured it would be appropriate to post this second part of the four part epic Loft, Fortress Of Nerdery post because I’m actually in Michigan at the cottage as I type (the folks got WiFi here, but it’s pretty slow). This section of wall has the only other two posters I ever paid money for. The Tom Grummett Titans poster just caught my eye at a convention. I never read that book and didn’t know Grummett’s name at the time, but there was something epic about the poster so I bought it. Grummett would go on to become one of my favorite artists. The other poster I purchased was the Kingdom Come one. I completely fell in love with that comic. It felt like the first great book to come out while I was actively reading comics that I could lay claim to (unlike something like Dark Knight Returns or Watchmen, which you can only come into if you’re a younger comic fan).

The rest of the posters are the usual Wizard poster entries, free promo stuff I got from the comic shop and other random stuff (like the hologram Superman The Animated Series Spaghetti-Os label towards the bottom right hand corner. Other favorites in this picture include the mobster version of Punisher shooting at Ben Reilly Spider-Man, Burnout from Gen 13 playing his guitar, the ad for the Ultraverse/Marvel crossover called Phoenix Resurrection and the Amalgam poster. It’s not the coolest poster in the world, I just loved that whole thing.

I’ll get some more pictures of the loft this weekend to give you a better idea of the layout or maybe put the Flip camera to good use. I’m sure you’re just on the edge of your seats to see how it’s been turned into storage for my parents’ stuff.

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