Real World Watcher New Orleans “Jemmye’s White Knight”

Though there are several different storylines going on this episode of Real World New Orleans, the main theme of the episode is sex. It’s Mardi Gras, Preston’s hooking up with dudes, Ryan’s trying to get with McKenzie or her visiting friend and the continuing odyssey of Knight popping Jemmye’s white guy cherry. Wanna know how it all turns out? Hit the jump!Uh oh, it’s Mardi Gras time. This should be an interesting episode.

The roommates look like they’re at an apartment party. Jemmye’s all up on Knight, dropping it like it’s hot as the kids say and kissing him.

Ryan looks like he’s masturbating furiously while up on the balcony during the parade.

So, Ryan’s plan is to try to sneak into McKenzie’s bed so he can just sleep with her. Then, once she wakes up, she tells him to get out. She says cuddling could lead to other things and he leaves like an insulted little girl.
Knight’s still convinced he’ll be Jemmye’s first white guy and has Ashlee make a countdown sign. He hangs the sign over her bed and everyone writes their guesses down.
Preston’s talking about how he didn’t realize he was gay as a kid and then tells Ryan he doesn’t think Ryan’s 100% straight, also stating that he doesn’t think he (Preston) isn’t 100% gay. In the confessional, Ryan says that’s all ridiculous, that he could have hooked up with WAY more girls if he wanted and him being gay is ridiculous. Dude, there’s a reason everyone thinks you’re gay and it’s not because you went to hair school and work in a salon.

Whoa, after hitting the club, McKenzie wants to cuddle/sleep with Ryan. Then, once they get upstairs and are finished brushing their teeth, she tells him that they will sleep in different beds and they’re still roommates. Much as I dislike Ryan, McKenzie does seem to be playing him. SO MOVE ON DUDE!

McKenzie’s friend Suze is visiting, McKenzie says she’s exactly like her. She does actually look like her a little. My money’s on Ryan falling head over heels for her, getting creepy and her moving on.

Preston met this dude who calls himself Big Thang at a local gay club, but his real name is Phillip.

Yeesh, Preston’s mom was a crackhead who stole his rent money (for his one room apartment). His dad’s been in and out of prison, been stabbed, etc. Because of all this, Preston’s very guarded.

Knight looks kind of like a homeless person when he’s not cleaned up.

McKenzie doesn’t think that Jemmye and Knight should have sex for a bet. Jemmye just wants to get laid and win a bet.

Now Preston’s with this dude named Maxwell.

McKenzie, give it up. Knight and Jemmye are gonna hook up. You’re a good girl, which is great, but not everyone else is. Sex means different things to different people.
That night, Jemmye run’s upstairs and jumps into bed wearing only a towel. She looks a little upset. Jump to commercial. Will they or won’t they?! (probably eventually)

Maxwell and Preston hit the showers, then Preston borrows a condom from Knight and takes Maxwell to bed. Of course, Big Thang calls at that exact time but Eric covers for him.

Preston looks like Urkle wearing a Bill Cosby sweater the morning after.

I hate how MTV’s putting the subtitles in weird places and with different sized fonts.

There it is, Suze and Ryan are flirting and wrestling with each either.

Now Big Thang’s back in the picture and Maxwell’s out.

Ryan, McKenzie, and Suze are heading out to Bourbon Street. Ryan really seems to think he’s gonna hook up some triple action. Doubtful, bro, I’d put my money on the two of them hooking up well before you get any. But, wait, aren’t you saving yourself? And hasn’t she said she wants love before sex and you’re kind of a creepy stalker weirdo? Your purity is looking more and more like a trap for girls.
Knight and Jemmye are out too. While Knight’s talking to Jemmye, some other girl tries flirting with him and he flirts back, which bums Jemmye out. Which results in her talking a bunch of shots and dancing with some other dude.

Whoa, Ryan flashes his man boob and gets a kiss from Suze.
Wait, what? Ryan says he’s been looking for someone to hook up with since he got there? Since when? I thought you were pure. This dude’s super full of shit.

Jemmye says she forgives Knight for flirting with the girl. Jemmey’s a hot mess and asks if she can sleep in Knight’s bed. He says yes. She’s annihilated. I’ve been there, girl.

“Jemmye has her nuts juicing tonight.” – Knight.

Once he gets her home, he just wants some personal time which means she’s crying and asking for him. He’s literally hiding in a shower while she wanders around and eventually finds him. She calls her mom and just blathers, so Knight talks to her mom telling her Jemmye will be okay.

McKenzie’s pissed that Suze’s spending so much time with Ryan. He says that McKenzie’s also trying to get her to leave earlier than she wants to. And yes, Suze and Ryan rock paper scissors to kiss.

Preston’s getting down all over the place.
I’m thinking Ryan and Suze don’t actually hook up because there’s no nightvision footage.

Suze’s cab comes that night (it looked like a cop car at first). Ryan’s pissed, but nothing about this dude feels legit. His lies seem to be piling up and he can’t keep them straight but he’s still mugging his way through the show. He acts too much like a petulant child. I almost hope the whole thing is a put-on because, if not, Ryan’s up there on the list of most annoying people on the planet.

Damn, the next day, Preston’s getting down again in the middle of the day.

Ryan’s completely freaked out by gay sex. He says he wishes they just wouldn’t make such a big deal out of it in front of people.

Tonight, Ryan wants to get naked and hook up. Preston says Big Thang’s hotter than him, which Ryan doesn’t like. Then, out of nowhere in an interview, Ryan says he’s never liked Preston and Preston says Ryan’s ignorant.

Ryan convinces Suze to come home with them after a night out. He convinces her to stay and get in the hot tub with him wearing one of his shirts and a pair of his boxers. I guess she’s staying at a hotel while visiting.

They’re sneaking around like McKenzie will hurt Suze or Ryan if she sees them together. McKenzie’s hurt that Suze isn’t being a good friend.

Looks like Knight and Jemmye are finally hooking up. Yup, there it is.
“I’m glad I gave Knight my white boy V card.” – Jemmye. She’s jazzed there’s no emotions or cuddling and then she bounces for her own room. No sign of her vagina tattoo this episode though thanks to the night vision cameras.

Meanwhile, Suze definitely slept with Ryan, though there was no footage of whether they actually had sex. McKenzie’s bummed because Suze leaves the house without saying goodbye.

I’m with Ashlee, I don’t see this as being as clear cut as Knight and Jemmye think it will be.

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