Toy Commercial Tuesday: Mego’s World’s Greatest Superheroes

There’s a lot to laugh at in this Mego commercial for their combined Marvel and DC toy line of 8-inch clothed figures called World’s Greatest Superheros (this is the line that spawned many of the toys you see in Twisted ToyFare Theatre). First up, you’ve got the combination of DC and Marvel toys, which always tickles me. Then you’ve got the fact that whoever shot the commercial thought it would be a good idea to put their well-sized action figures on real life backgrounds, which actually makes them look way smaller than they are (Spider-Man up on a ledge, Aquaman on some rocks at the ocean). Of course, there’s the cringe-worthy note that Falcon is “that great BLACK superhero.” But my favorite part is how misinformed the scriptwriter was on the powers of the Fantastic Four. Sure, they’d only been around for five-ish years at the time, but they were a pretty big deal. A big enough deal that someone should have corrected them when they noted that the Human Torch can fly at light speed and that both Invisible Girl and Mr. Fantastic can turn invisible. Curiously, Ben Grimm was explained very succinctly. It is to laugh.

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