Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 2 “The Hangover”

There’s no real shocker here, but Angelina caused tons and tons of drama this episode. She gets yelled at by JWOWW, Snooki AND Pauly, plus Mike’s not too impressed with her. Meanwhile, Ronnie deals with the fallout from his night of carousing. Hit the jump for the full live blog!

10:01pm – Picks up right where the previous episode left off. Ronnie’s trying to convince the other dudes that he “did mad work” that night, but everyone else is saying he was with grenades. Then Ronnie says he’s gonna sleep with Sammi.

10:02pm – Even Mike thinks that’s jacked up.

10:02pm – Ronnie stumbles into Sammi’s room and lies down in her bed. Vinny is left speechless. I agree with him that this will absolutely blow up in his face. Even Situation says that’s a bad situation.

10:04pm – Ronnie wakes up and says he doesn’t even remember how he got into the room or anything about last night. Bullshit. He says he had a Snooki night, even I don’t know what that means.

10:05pm – Pauly’s on the phone with someone explaining what Ronnie did with Ronnie in the room. He says he’s both called Shitty and the president and founder of the IFF (I’m F*&ked Foundation). Ronnie says he still loves Sammi.

10:06pm – The next morning Sammi wakes up, only her, Ronnie and Pauly are up. She calls Ronnie on being a jackass all night.
10:07pm – “I’m never drinking like that again.” – Ronnie. BULLSHIT.

10:10pm – The dudes are talking about Ronnie creeping last night, but Sammi’s right there and she’s pressing them for info. No one rats on him.

10:00pm – Haha, everyone leaves the house, splitting between the dudes and the girls, leaving Angelina in the house sleeping (all the dudes are wearing black tanktops).

10:11pm – Ronnie thinks he’s all slick saying that he’s going to lie, lie, deny about what went on the night before. IT’S ON TV GENIUS.

10:12pm – The girls go to a tranny shop to get clothes. Huh? It’s Miami, ladies, there’s all kinds of boutiques and stuff. JWOWW says she’s in her element there. Makes sense. Snooki spent $393 on sunglasses!

10:13pm – While the girls are buying hooker clothes, the dudes went grocery shopping. Ronnie says he needs to walk on eggshells around Angelina because she knows what went down. She says she doesn’t remember anything. Nonsense.

10:14pm – Snooki walks in with her stupid new glasses, opens the fridge and the meat that Mike spent all that time working on falls out on her. She says it’s not her fault and bitches about it getting on her slippers. She just leaves it. Ugh. What a jackass. IT IS YOUR FAULT.

10:15pm – Vinny comments that Snooki doesn’t even know how to clean. She looks ridiculous. What a cartoon character.
10:20pm – Sammi sits down at the phone and goes through Ronnie’s phone book. She sees Caroline, which is the name of his ex. She confronts him about it and then gets all defensive about it.
10:21pm – Haha, Pauly D’s hilarious. He’s saying you’ve got to prepared for that kind of stuff.

10:22pm – Haha, the guys are all arguing about whether cooking the food that fell on the floor would make it okay. Pauly thinks it’s only okay if it’s boiled (or maybe not okay if it was boiled?).

10:23pm – Hahahaha, Mike tries to call the pizza place and order food under the name Situation. The pizza guy is having none of that nonsense.

10:24pm – Whoa, you can see into the shower but it’s frosted. Snooki, Vinny and Pauly are all standing outside watching.

10:25pm – Angelina gets a ridiculous number of phone calls. Who would be that interested in talking to her?

10:26pm – Snooki’s pissed because she heard that Angelina was talking shit about her boyfriend. Snooki and JWOWW go outside to confront her. It’s all kinds of all over the place because Angelina’s saying it never happened. More after the break.

10:30pm – Now Angelina’s saying she wants to be cool with everyone and never said anything. JWOWW says she can stay and get her ass beat. She’s straight up threatening to hit Angelina. The dudes are all just watching. It’s pretty damn funny.
10:32pm – Haha, someone calls for Angelina, Snooki answers and says she died. I am losing my shit.

10:33pm – The guys are telling JWOWW about Ronnie the night before, Snooki’s standing right there. Mike asks if he should say what Ronnie said when he got home. The missus has a good point, Mike wants to explode what’s happening so he can get with Sammi. Vinny’s telling him not to say anything because she has a vagina.

The missus made a good point, it looks like Angenlia is Photobombing every time she’s in the background of a shot.

10:38pm – Ugh, now Sammi’s apologizing for blowing up on Ronnie before. Double ugh, Ronnie sounds like such a whiny douche. GET OVER IT YOU TARDS!

10:40pm – Ronnie just said “It’s not Saved By The Bell, we’re not Zack and Kelly.”

10:40pm – This time around they’re working in a gelato shop. Haha, he says Pauly has to wear a hat. This guy’s gotta be thinking “These douche nozzles better bring in tons of business because they’re looking at me like I’M the asshole.”
10:41pm – Ronnie’s getting a tattoo in the side where it’s super painful because he’s…a masochist. Sammi goes with him. If the whole season is about these two jackasses fawning over each other, I might have to have a few more beers during an episode. It’s prayer hands holding a rosary. Lame.
10:46pm – Angelina’s out to get sushi with Pauly, Vinny and Mike. No big shocker there. She’d be alright if she wasn’t so obnoxious.

10:48pm – Haha, the dudes are hanging out before going out all wearing tank tops. Then they take those off and put on T-shirts to go out.

It’s hard to tell who’s who with some of the dudes when it’s dark in the club and they’re wearing hats and sunglasses.

10:48pm – Angelina’s getting wasted at the club and dancing with some ladies.

10:50pm – Angelina rolls up to Pauly and gives him trouble about the girl he’s trying to get with. She’s being a meddler, which is what got her in trouble last season.

10:51pm – Angelina’s literally following the guys and saying “You’re being retarded.”

10:54pm – Mike and Pauly are back from the house and hungry. Angelina’s saying Pauly was retarded and trying to hook up with a girl who was married. Good point Pauly, she was dating a married dude last season.

10:56pm – Mike says she’s gotta be careful because she doesn’t have a lot of friends in the house. She says she would marry Pauly. What? Pauly says both he and Sitch have hooked up with her. Pauly tells her to mind her business and she gets upset.

10:57pm – Angelina lazily slaps Pauly in the face. He says nothing. Mike’s trying to tell her to go to bed. She says Pauly’s pissing her off. Mike steps aside to let Pauly handle it. He tells her not to talk to him.
10:58pm – In the interview, Pauly says she’s got zero friends. She comes up behind him and touches Pauly and he freaks out and tells her not to touch him. Whoa. Intense. End of episode.

2 thoughts on “Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 2 “The Hangover”

  1. Can anyone please tell me what Angelina called Snooki’s boyfriend? It was F*** M***. I can’t figure it out!

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