Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 6, Plus Jersey Shore After Hours

Whoa, lots of drama this episode. Thankfully most of it isn’t between Sammi and Ronnie, but it does revolve around them because there’s a lot of tension between the girls and Sammi. As usual, the guys seem to have a good time, though Mike has a little run in with something worse than a grenade. Hit the jump for the full live blog!10:01pm – Whoa, the episode starts with a scream from Snooki. She’s just bored…and drunk. She’s wearing a giant sombrero and accidentally drank the ash cup by the looks of it.

Haha, like Goldilocks she’s going in to check which of the boys’ beds is comfy enough to snuggle in. Vinny’s the winner. She grabs her jammies and gets in bed with Vinny. Aaand, she fell between the bed and the wall.

10:02pm – Snooki says they “hooked up.” “If she wants to come in my bed and throw it at me, I’m going to take it.” – Vinny.

10:03pm – She woke up and went to her bed, but the next morning she tells Sammi they boned and apparently Vinny’s well endowed.

“It’s like putting a watermelon in a pinhole.” – Snooki about Vinny’s member.

10:04pm – Angelina, JWOWW and Snooki head to the beach. JWOWW tells Angelina they’re going to have a problem if Sammi finds out it was them who wrote the note. Meanwhile, JWOWW’s talking tons of trash about Sammi, calling her weak and stupid for being with Ronnie. But, dude, she didn’t know he was playing her because you didn’t tell her!

10:05pm – Sammi walks out back and Mike asks if she’s doing okay. He says it’s very one sided and that Ronnie’s 100% wrong and tells her she doesn’t see that. “He f#$@ed up hard core and made you look stupid.” – Mike.

She’s pissed that no one told her. Once again, Mike doesn’t straight-up say that Ronnie cheated on her, but he says if it’s in the note if it’s probably true.

I want someone to put together a montage of Sammi saying how done she is with Ronnie between this season, last season and the reunion. Add in Ronnie breaking up with her. Yeah, she says she’s done once again. We’ll see.

10:12pm – Snooki wants to tell Sammi they wrote the letter and pulls Angelina in. They’re trying to say that Angelina is as much a part of things as JWOWW and Snooki. Mike walks through the backyard (where the girls are talking), hears them and tells Sam they’re talking about her. Sam says she doesn’t care.

10:13pm – Angelina goes inside to ask Sammi to come outside because JWOWW and Snooki want to talk to her, but  says she doesn’t want to go out.

Whoa, JWOWW comes inside and starts yelling at Sammi and getting loud. Whoa, JWOWW just said straight-up that Ronnie was screwing other people. Sammi calls them out for not saying anything. JWOWW comes back with “I wasn’t there.”

10:15pm – Sammi says she appreciates getting the letter and asks those standing around who wrote it and no one says anything. She seems to mean it. Ronnie’s right, if they were real friends, they would have said something weeks ago. JWOWW’s kind of like Ryan from Real World New Orleans where she just gets really loud and starts shouting the same stuff and sounds like she knows what she’s talking about, but really, if you listen, comes off as an asshat. Mike and Pauly say it wasn’t them. Vinny’s not around. Obviously Ronnie didn’t do it, so that just leaves the other girls.

10:17pm – Ronnie goes after Sammi to talk to her, but she asks him to give her a minute. He asks if she wants him to wait outside, she says no and he actually walks away. I worry that her being upset with JWOWW and Snooki is going to drive her back to Ronnie (which is weirdly circular).

Snooki says they never should have written the note. I think JWOWW just agreed with her, but sounded super-sad and quiet (she had her face down so it’s hard to tell). Sammi goes into their room and says she’s been a mess lately and is trying to be strong for herself. She says the letter destroyed her and that she’s not herself right now. She feels betrayed because no one in the house said anything to her.

10:18pm – Sammi walks outside where Mike was talking to Ronnie about how crazy things got. Ronnie walks right over to her. What? Ronnie’s saying they’re strong enough to get through the letter. They got through it? I have no idea what’s going on anymore. He says he’ll give her her space and then tells the camera that only time will bring them back together. So…she reads the note again in her bed, then we get another commercial.

10:23pm – Vinny’s got a pain in his eye and makes a doctor’s appointment. I’m pretty sure he had pink eye last season…yeah, they just showed clips. Pauly goes with him. Aw, that’s cute. Haha, Pauly even goes into the examining room and makes jokes about pink eye. He just has severely dry eyes.

10:25pm – Looks like everybody’s heading out to the club. Angelina’s dancing with a guy named Jose. Mike zeroes in on some blond girl…and they had back to the house, by themselves. Good move Sitch.

10:26pm – Uh oh, everyone else comes home. Mike leaves the girl in the smoosh room and then goes out into the living room to talk to the others. Huh? He then tells the camera he needs to charge up like a sports car. He’s eating food and she’s waiting to bone him.

Meanwhile Angelina goes to bed and sends Jose home, telling the camera that smooshing is not going to happen.

10:27pm – Mike gets back into the room and asks “Are you ready for this?” Afterwards, he gets up and she’s still in the bed. Everyone else seems to still be awake (it’s still that night). He gets back into the bed and asks if she’s straight (as in good, not heterosexual). Oh man, he’s totally going to ask her to bounce. “I got a taxi for you baby.” That’s super slimy. And she seems to really appreciate it!

10:32pm – Apparently it’s Sunday and the girls are planning on cooking like they said last week. Snooki calls an ex who’s a cook and asks for a penne alla vodka recipe. He warns her that putting Vodka in the pan will make it flame up. Could this be foreshadowing?

Snooki and JWOWW go to grocery store. These girls are ridiculously clueless. Snooki accidentally leaves the grocery list where she grabbed the pickles and, before she asks if she put it down somewhere, assumes that someone stole it. Oh Snooki, you’re barely a human and almost completely a cartoon character.

10:34pm – Mike, Vinny and Pauly are out eating lunch and Mike grabs desert because they don’t think they’ll be eating tonight. One of them comments that JWOWW might know how to cook because she’s older. Vinny says these girls have big shoes to fill because the women in his family know how to cook. I want to go to dinner at his house.

10:35pm – JWOWW walks in and tells Sammi and Angelina to go get the rest of the groceries. Angelina hops on the phone and Sammi goes outside. JWOWW says she knows why Mike’s always complaining when he cooks.

JWOWW asks Angelina to go get vodka for the pasta and then asks Sammi to go with her. Sammi says she doesn’t want to do that and tells the camera she doesn’t want to cook for everyone. Hey, we get that you feel like a betrayed chump, but you’re a betrayed chump who needs to eat. Sammi made a salad.

Also, where the heck is Snooki? She seems to have disappeared.

10:39pm – Looks like Snooki went with Angelina to get the vodka. JWOWW’s complaining about doing all the work. Then the guys get back and are pretty surprised that it looks so good. They all sit down and Mike thanks them before digging in.

Pauly says it’s pretty good. Snooki made garlic knots and says she loves balls.

10:41pm – Sammi didn’t eat anything but the salad. Pauly says that, since they cooked so well they can cook the rest of the week. Then the dudes do the dishes.

10:42pm – JWOWW’s boyfriend Tom calls (we weren’t sure if they were still together). He asks if Sam found out about the letter. JWOWW says she almost knocked her out for being lazy while making dinner.

10:43pm – I think Sammi, Angelina and Ronnie are working today or at least Ronnie drove them to work. Sammi kissed Ronnie in the car. Now Sammi and Angelina are talking each other up. Angelina says “I want to tell you things.” Then Sammi asks if JWOWW wrote the note, Angelina just smiles and doesn’t say anything. Then Sammi asks if Snooki was involved. Again, doesn’t say anything, but smiles.

10:47pm – Uh oh, Mike’s sister’s coming over. Vinny puts on a fake chain, JWOWW asks if it’s real, he says they’re like her boobs. Haha, Vinny’s hilarious.

She gets there and Vinny looks super nervous, like a little kid.

10:49pm – It’s another getting ready montage followed by out going. Vinny and Melissa (Mike’s sister) seem to be hitting it off alright.

10:50pm – Mike’s dancing and sees a blonde girl who’s face is blurred. Hooker? Dude? Haha, Pauly thinks it might be a dude too because she’s got a choker covering her/his possible Adam’s Apple.

“If you have to think about it, it is” is apparently a saying in Miami about dudes dressed as ladies. But, wait, did they hook up? They show footage of Mike talking to the camera back at the house and he looks like he’s been assaulted by a ghost.

10:52pm – JWOWW’s drunkenly talking with Snooki about how she used to be best friends with Sammi and had her best interest in mind. Let’s be real, though, she just wanted to make trouble and didn’t care much. If she really cared, she wouldn’t be talking behind Sammi’s back and would have straight-up told her.

Is Angelina making out with Jose in the van? NO, it’s Pauly! Mike says his sister will be sleeping in his bed. Angelina says he can sleep in her bed because she’ll be in Pauly’s WHOA. Then cut to a commercial. Looks like they got Mike away from the trannie.

10:56pm – Haha, Pauly’s annihilated. Vinny says that he’s so drunk Pauuly’d hook up with him. Nothing’s happening between Pauly and Angenlina tonight! JWOWW awkwardly calls her boyfriend. Angelina tries to say that JWOWW was talking shit about Pauly being drunk. Vinny jumps in and says that JWOWW was just explaining what happened. Vinny tells the camera that he usually stays out of this kind of stuff, but wanted to squash Angelina’s lies.

Whoa, for some reason Sammi jumps in and makes a comment, then there’s a huge blow-up between JWOWW and Sammi. JWOWW will STILL not admit that she wrote the note.

Gah. Okay, a lot just happened. JWOWW pushes Sammi in the head with both hands, then Sammi tries to come back, but JWOWW–being an Amazon–knocks her to the floor. Sammi gets back up, Angelina kind of acts like she’s holding her back, but lets go with what looks like a smile on her face and it looks like Sam completely slugs JWOWW. Then the show ends.

AHH, Now they’re doing an interview with Ronnie, Sammi, JWOWW and Snooki. I don’t have the stomach to watch more Ronnie and Sammi. Someone else can live blog this thing.

Whoa, okay, so I’m still watching the aftershow while I edit the blog and apparently JWOWW told Sammi that Ronnie went out and had sex with a girl in the bathroom and then went home to Sammi (this happened between seasons I guess). He apparently told JWOWW about it and she told Sammi in the shower in Miami. Ronnie says it was a scumbag thing to do and then tries to justify himself by saying that everyone cheats. Ugh.

Before that JWOWW uses her circular logic to say that she and Snooki didn’t want to hurt their relationship with Ronnie, which is why they did a note instead of actually talking to Sammi as if he’d never find out? JWOWW says she doesn’t see the difference between telling her and sending her an anonymous note.

Ronnie claims that Sammi hooked up with some dude between Jersey and the reunion. He found out through some chick on Facebook and immediately believed this stranger. He says he wanted to hurt Sammi during Miami, which is why he was such a dick. She says it never happened. Why am I still writing about these douches? I have actual work to do…

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