Jersey Housewives Season 2 Reunion Part 2

Last week’s episode showcased the first half of the Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 2 Reunion which covered about half the season, leading up to the incident at the Brownstone, but tonight’s episode really featured it and then moved on tot he last of the season: the legal trouble between Ashley and Danielle, Dina leaving the show, Caroline and Danielle’s last dinner and Kim G’s involvement in things. Hit the jump for the full live blog. 9:01pm – Andy asks if Danielle went into the Brownstone with a chip on her shoulder and she says yes. Caroline calls her on her nonsense. Danielle says that Kim G was feeding her misinformation both before and there. Caroline keeps calling her on her bullshit.

9:02pm – Now Andy brings up Danielle not giving Danny any trouble for calling Chris Manzo a fag. A series of clips follows. Haha, she calls herself a gay advocate, i forgot about that. Andy says she lost her title. Danielle says they didn’t see what happened off screen with her apparently talking to Danny. Danielle blames editing again.
Caroline keeps calling her perfect, it’s hilarious.

Danielle continues to not take any responsibility. She says she doesn’t talk to Danny anymore and says she wasn’t defending Danny earlier (she totally was).

9:05pm – Andy asks if Danielle thinks she is perfect and she of course doesn’t say anything.

9:06pm – Caroline tells a story about her neighbor coming up to her and saying the women are great actors. She tells him it’s not fake. He assumes they’re really friends, but Caroline corrects her of that. Then the guy says he keeps seeing Danielle’s car in the neighborhood. Danielle says it’s not happening. Apparently Danielle and Caroline have the same car.

“Everyone lies except for Danielle!” – Teresa (shouting).
Out of nowhere Jacqueline says Danielle’s still a call girl and hooking up with married men. Danielle says it’s all lies. Jacqueline comes off as a little crazy and gossipy.

9:07pm – Danielle says she doesn’t want to deal with all the women at once, stands up and starts walking off stage, acting tough. She’s basically baiting them to come after her. She’s really damn good at manipulating people to make her look good. Well, she would be if she wasn’t so ridiculously crazy. 

Both  Teresa and Jacqueline act like they’re going to go after her. Backstage, Danielle’s stewing in her own gross juices, sitting there holier than thou. She says her lesbian superstar girlfriend Lori knows she doesn’t sleep with men. And…she’s talking with her bitchy hair stylist back stage again.

9:09pm – Back on stage, Caroline’s trying to calm Teresa and Jacqueline down. Jacqueline and Teresa are clearly frustrated from having to deal with this nuttiness, knowing more than they’re saying and being aggravated that Danielle seems to come off so well. I’m pretty sure Teresa just dropped the C bomb.

9:14pm – Danielle returns and Andy tells everyone to stay on their couches, then says how the events at the Brownstone lead to Dina leaving the show. We get another montage that really makes Danielle look nuts.

9:16pm – Danielle says that she went into dinner with Dina expecting an apology for things that didn’t happen on screen. Then she says that they all need to own their own guilt.

9:17pm – Caroline says it bothers her that Dina’s not on the show because it was supposed to be a fun adventure.

Now we’re moving over to talking about Ashley, Jacqueline’s daughter. And now we get an “Is Ashley out of control?” montage. One writer asked if Jacqueline needed to take some responsibility, but let’s be honest, she’s an adult, there’s not much she can do. For the record, I do think Ashley’s a bit of a sociopath (or at least too young to understand anything about real life), but you can’t blame parents for everything.

9:19pm – Andy asks if Derek feeding Ashley her apology on the season finale took away from it and Jacqueline says no, that’s just how they are. Then Jacqueline goes through a litany of ways they’ve tried to discipline her.

9:20pm – Another reader asks why Danielle jumped to the conclusion that “bye” could be a death threat. She, of course, explains herself away, but it sounds stupid.

Another writer asks why a grown woman would get into a text war with a teenage girl. Danielle says it’s all crazy lies that she would never do anything like that, but Caroline and Jacqueline both saw texts or Facebook messages. Apparently, a guy on Twitter sent Danielle a Tweet saying that they wished Ashley would kill herself for his birthday and Danielle responded with a happy birthday and wishing his birthday wish would come true. She’s caught in a lie! Jacqueline comes up with it on her phone. Danielle KEEPS LYING. She says it could have been a response to something. She says there’s no way to prove it. I don’t know dick about Twitter, but I’m pretty sure you can tell when something is being responded to. Danielle just keeps saying she doesn’t know why she would do something like that. Possibly because you are certifiable.

Caroline had a really funny line in there about Danielle needing to get some help because all of her accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc) have been hacked. She’s great.

9:27pm – Now we’re on to Kim D’s fashion show, the chase and the hair pull. Andy asks the group who started the fight. Teresa says she didn’t, that she was genuinely trying to say hi. Teresa says she doesn’t like people putting their hands on her, which is why it looked like she was raging through the place.

9:30pm – Danielle asks what would have happened if Teresa caught up to her and Teresa says it would have just been a conversation, nothing physical.

Danielle pulls out a dummy head to explain what a weave is. Caroline is losing her shit laughing. This is hilarious. The other women also seem to think it’s ridiculous. Andy at least plays interest “Oh wow.” “Okay.” Then she tells Andy to pull with Danielle holding on to the head. Andy says that it seems actually humanly impossible with how much force it took him to do in the demo.

9:32pm – Danielle says the hair pull should have been taken more seriously and that Ashley should have taken it more seriously, she was laughing throughout the trial apparently.

9:33pm – Caroline asks Danielle straight-up if Danielle heard Ashley say she was going to kill Danielle. Danielle first says she heard it from Kim G, then, after Caroline presses her, she says she heard it, but there was a lot going on. Caroline accuses her of purjoring herself, but Danielle, of course, says that’s not true. Her story changed in the span of two sentences.

9:34pm – Teresa just said that if someone paid $100,000 she’d get in the ring with Danielle. That would be AMAZING.

Danielle says she heard things from Kim G and her daughter about Ashley being a coke whore and actually apologizes for something.

Caroline wishes she was a genie so she could make Kim G appear. Give it a minute (or a few more commercial breaks).

9:39pm – Andy introduces Kim G with another montage. Ew, the pole dancing thing again…not okay.

9:42pm – Now Kim comes out and nicely says hi to everyone. Andy brings up Kim G’s last comment about Danielle’s “fake and square tits.”

Danielle says she felt used by Kim G, but Kim G says that she was being used by Danielle, with Kim’s people being at her disposal.

9:43pm – Danielle says that all the other women must have known about Kim G coming out because Caroline was asking about her. Andy adamantly says that’s not the case, as do the rest of the women.

Caroline asks Kim G if she said anything to Danielle about Ashley doing coke, she says no, on her kids’ lives. Caroline asks if she was trying to stir up trouble when, at the Brownstone, she told Danielle what Chris said. Then Danielle jumps down her throat, asking why she said anything anyway. Kim G says she didn’t know how to react to Danielle’s nuttiness.

Once again, Danielle says that she’s not responsible for the huge group that showed up at the Brownstone, she says Danny brought them and that she only invited Kim G and Danny. Andy asks why Danielle was so upset about not having a table for everyone if she didn’t know they were coming. Caroline explains that when you throw an event, the venue (in this case the Brownstone) operates on the seating chart that the customer gave them, it has nothing to do with the venue.

9:47pm – Whoa, Kim G tells Teresa not to give her any shit after Andy reads a post she wrote about Kim G’s old lady butt crack stripping. Kim G jumps down Teresa’s throat saying not to mess with her. This apparently some blog/Tweet nonsense.

9:48pm – Danielle tells Kim G she’s despicable and then says “Be careful what you wish for.” Now Kim G’s out! Drop the mic on the stage like a rap stare! (I made that up, she didn’t actually do it, but she should have).

9:52pm – In one of those quick moments between commercials, Andy asks the women if they knew that Kim G was showing up, they say no, though Jacqueline says she figured it out when the producers asked her to move over a little on the coach when they first sat down. Andy jokes that not liking Kim G would be one thing they could all agree on, but Jacqueline says she doesn’t mind her (earlier, Jacqueline said that Kim G’s a shit stirring two-face, but it doesn’t bother her for some reason).

9:56pm – We’re back and up to the final episode with Caroline and Danielle’s dinner. Andy uses the word matriarch. Then it’s said several times in the montage. Ugh.

9:59pm – Caroline says Danielle bringing protection to the dinner is asinine and that there have been repeated threats from Danielle’s end. Once again, Caroline wants an answer to her question about what Caroline and her family have done to Danielle. Danielle just goes back around saying that she’s done nothing to Caroline. Note, Danielle didn’t answer the question AGAIN.

10:01pm – Andy asks why Danielle didn’t drop the charges. She says it was because it was in the state’s hand. Danielle says she just asked for an apology. Danielle says nobody won in that case. Teresa says that Jacqueline wouldn’t have pressed charges if the same thing had happened in reverse.

10:02pm – Jacqueline’s talking about how angry she was because of Danielle and reacting so negatively to her, someone who she used to be friends with. Caroline looks worried that this might build a bridge between these two.

Whoa, Danielle says she’s sorry for what happened. She also says she’ll always be apologetic for what she’s done wrong. This is like a weird apology circle jerk (or whatever a circle jerk is with just two people…who are women). Jacqueline says that after today that Danielle will hear nothing from her. Apparently Jacqueline got to the point where she wanted to say this during one of the breaks. She doesn’t like how negative she’s become.

10:05pm – Now Danielle says that all she wanted from Ashley was an apology and that she’s really sorry.

10:06pm – Andy asks Caroline what she’s thinking. Caroline says she wanted them to say what they wanted to say and that she’s glad that Jacqueline got it off her chest because she was trying to tell her to let all this go all season.

10:10pm – Andy asks Danielle if she has anything to say to the ladies in the end. She says it’s better to say less. Then she talks to Jacqueline specifically saying she got so mad at her because she loved her. Jacqueline hopes it gives people peace.

Andy asks if Danielle will drop the litigation against the housewives, she says she’ll talk to her lawyer and ask for peace for the women, whatever the hell that means. I’ve heard that it’s actually against the rules for Housewives cast members to sue each other as per their Bravo contracts, which might explain why she’s hopefully off the show (announcement coming at the end of the show supposedly).

Teresa says that she’s never done anything proactive against Danielle (Tweeting, commenting, calling newspapers). Whoa, Danille just got up and hugged Teresa and then Jacqueline. Jacqueline looks kind of shocked and confused. This hug is going on way too long. Everyone else is just making funny looks. Danielle’s whispering shit in Jacqueline’s ear, saying she’s sorry and that she loves her. Even after the hug ends, Danielle sits on the couch awkwardly.

This is amazingly awkward.

Danielle shakes hands with Caroline and apologizes for anything she might have done without saying anything specific. At the end, Caroline says this was all a crock of shit and that she hopes everything said was true, but she doesn’t buy it.

Danielle yells at Caroline for mocking Jacqueline and her emotions regarding Danielle.

Hey Bravo, I’ve got to call bullshit. You kept saying we’d find out about someone leaving the show and yet, no announcement. We all assumed it would be Danielle getting bounced (or saying she’s leaving), but there was no word of anything.

Oh, also, we happened to switch channels and see Caroline, Teresa and Jacqueline on The Wendy Williams Show. She asks Teresa about why she got so upset during the first part of the reunion about Danielle bringing up Teresa’s nephew. Teresa explains that she was in California when her nephew was born, but as soon as they got home, they went to visit him in the hospital, also that, that night she had a live Tweet, which might explain why Danielle thought she didn’t go see her nephew (my assumption).

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