Real World Watcher New Orleans: Reunion

Jeepers, these reunion episodes are really hard to keep up on when it comes to liveblogging. SO MUCH gets said in the taped interviews and on stage, that I’m sure I missed some stuff. Here’s a few main points: Ryan is still a dick, but he claims to have changed a lot thanks to the experience. Sahar comes off as kind of an ass and is still with Pablo (yech). Jemmye and Knight are still together and living in New Orleans. McKenzie was surprisingly ready to throw down with people. Hit the jump for ALL the gory details. 10:00pm – Ugh, I hate Maria Menounos. Why doesn’t Mark host these things?

10:01pm – Did she skip Ryan in the intros? They’re all on stage at the same time.

Huh, they went and got new interviews with them talking about each other. Of course, they open complaining about Ryan. Ryan says everyone is fake and he had to be ridiculous. Of course.

10:02pm – Ryan says he’s a great roommate when he likes who he’s living with. Haha, he’s shutting down, Jemmye calls him on it.

Sahar says that if someone messed with him he’d hate the whole group. Ryan says the questions are completely irrelevant to his life and that none of this matters. He says he’s only there because he has to be.

10:03pm – He says he could have stayed if he wanted to. Everyone else disagrees.

10:04pm – McKenzie asks why he’d be cool with her at one point and then swear at her next. He just says it’s how people are: they change. Buuuullshit.

McKenzie asks if he’s bipolar or on drugs. That was my question!

10:05pm – McKenzie says Ryan’s not normal and then he goes off on a weird tangent making fun of her. What a jackass. She’s trying to get down to brass tacks about why he would never talk to them about anything and he just makes fun of her.

Someone says that this is exactly the kind of attention he wanted going in and Ryan agrees.

Jemmye says she felt a lot better after hitting him (when did she hit him?). I really wish someone else would have hit him. Or everyone. Whatever, I’m not picky.

10:06pm – Ryan just threatened to knock Preston out again. What a douche. Up next: the Preston/Ryan feud.

I’ve got to say, I’m only one commercial break deep and I’m starting to not care. Let Ryan walk off the reunion Puck-style if he’s just going to be an annoying, evasive douche. Unless someone attacks him. Then it would be worth it. That house needed a Jesse Custer god dammit!

10:10pm – Ashlee’s back in Boston, playing basketball and hanging out with Preston. She’s trying to become a sportscaster, but is also looking for a day job.

10:11pm – The host asks Jemmye if Ryan was homophobic or “Prestonphobic.” McKenzie comes out with “homosexual.” Jemmye says she doesn’t think Ryan’s actually gay, but that he generalized hating Preston as disliking all gay people.

Ryan says he uses some bad terms, but isn’t homophobic.

10:12pm – Now they’re doing the interview recaps about the Preston and Ryan feud. Everyone seems to think that Ryan was insecure and neither of them could let things go.

10:13pm – The roommates are saying they thought Ryan would find out about the pee toothbrush before he used it, yet no one actually told him about it until after he’d used it a bunch.

Ryan says he got really sick but “they didn’t show it.” Anyone blaming editing is an asshole.

Ryan’s talking about being mature and Preston brings up Ryan cutting the hat, rubbing the cigarettes on his ass and throwing his debit card out the window saying none of that was very mature. True dat.

10:15pm – Ryan says he doesn’t hate Preston.

Ashlee explains that it’s easy to not like Preston because he’s a bitch.

Preston says he tells people how he feels no matter what (being a graceless asshole isn’t a great trait, dude). He also says he’s fine not being friends with Ryan.

10:16pm – Ryan says he’s happy and content and that he’s grown from the experience, but he doesn’t want to talk about anything because he’s past it. The host asks how he’s different and he says he’d probably have blown up by this point.

Man, McKenzie’s really going after Ryan asking HOW he’s grown, but Ryan won’t answer any questions. He just yammers, saying he didn’t like them, didn’t want to talk to them and doesn’t have to answer any questions now. Seems to me that Ryan went into the house, judged everyone immediately, didn’t bother getting to know them and then decided to hated them all because they weren’t asshole lunatics like him.

10:21pm – Preston’s back in Boston too, hanging out with his friends and rolling through thrift stores.

10:22pm – Now the interviews focus on the pills. Ryan says Ashlee said he could have one. She says it was one, then they all disappeared. Knight says it wasn’t him. Jemmye thinks Ryan did it and knew it would reflect poorly on Knight. McKenzie says she thinks Knight was involved.

Back on stage, Knight looks pissed. He says he was mad and upset about Ryan lying about it. Preston says it looked suspicious because Knight didn’t get so upset with Ryan after he supposedly lied about Knight. Ryan said he literally handed a pill to Knight. Now everyone’s asking Ryan what really happened and Ryan’s not really talking. Now Ryan’s saying it was all him, now that he’s on the spot. It’s hard to believe.

10:25pm – Sahar brings up a good point: everyone disliked Ryan because they thought Ryan was lying about Knight taking the pills, so if Knight really did take them, they might have gotten rid of Ryan needlessly.

Jemmye says he definitely didn’t take anything.

Knight says he was nice to Ryan because he sees some of himself in Ryan which is why he didn’t deck him or blow up at him.

Here’s my take: I want to believe that Knight didn’t do anything, but his lack of a reaction does seem suspect. He would routinely rip into Sahar about nonsense, but didn’t say anything to Ryan until he was drunk the night Ryan got bounced? Strange. I believe him, it just looks bad is all.

Whoa, this was either strange editing or bad hosting, but everyone’s talking over each other about the Knight/Ryan/pill thing and then the host just cuts them off with a really hackneyed line about everyone agreeing that Knight could be a jerk. Good segue? NOPE.

10:26pm – Eric’s still hanging out with his friends in a party house. He left the State Department (I forgot he worked there), is now a full-time stand-up comic and got a tattoo in remembrance of his grandpa who passed away recently.

10:29pm – McKenzie’s basically being a beach bum. She’s a senior in college, studying psychology.

10:30pm – Now they’re all talking about Knight being a lovable asshole who started lots of shit and played all sides. Sahar says she was the only one to call him out for his shit.

10:31pm – The host calls him on always saying it’s okay for him to say what he’s saying because people know he’s joking. Knight says he just tells people what he thinks no matter what.

Sahar says she thinks roommates were scared of Knight. Eric says he’s not afraid of Knight. McKenzie says that if Knight was having problems with someone, the whole house was off kilter and if he was fine, the mood in the house was fine.

McKenzie says that Sahar and Knight were always in a struggle for power. Sahar says that’s not the case.

10:33pm – Now the interviews are all talking about Pablo. Eric says Pablo was entertaining. No one really liked this dude or how he treated Sahar. Jemmye says Pablo doesn’t remember NOLA and didn’t get home with his luggage.

10:34pm – Ugh, Sahar’s still with Pablo. She says things that he said were taken out of context and that she knows him better than anyone else. Blinders chick, you’ve got blinders on.

She says she can’t get upset about the phonecall she got from her friend saying he cheated on her because she kissed Eric.

10:35pm – Eric jumps in and says there was a much more passionate kiss than what was on camera.

Ryan says he went back to Arizona, being a stylist, bowling and hanging out. Now he says he doesn’t want to leave Arizona.

1038pm – Sahar’s back home hanging out with her friends. She’s working at a radio station and says she wants to compile some songs before making a demo.

10:39pm – The interviews are talking about Mary, McKenzie’s drunken alter ego. They all say she was having sex and being a tease and wasn’t quite the goody goody she might have said she was.

McKenzie says she was trying to be a good girl. Ashlee says McKenzie’s very judgmental. Then McKenzie talks about temptation and taking the harder road. When they call her on doing most of the same stuff they were doing, she says she was TRYING to be good, but not always being successful.

10:41pm – They’re talking about Eric now and how he was gone a lot of the time and a bit of a creeper at the bar. They thought he should have gotten more girls. Knight says he doesn’t have swag (I think he means swagger unless the kids have officially shortened every word ever now), McKenzie says he doesn’t have game.

10:42pm – Back on stage Ashlee’s saying Eric’s sexy and he should just let girls come to him.

10:43pm – Knight says Eric has the worst game he’s ever seen. Eric doesn’t like hearing any of this.

I’m still not sure what they mean by him being a creeper. I guess he tries too hard to get girls?

I’m very happy with the mostly Ryan-less middle third of this reunion. I still want him to show up on a Challenge and get annihilated though.

10:47pm – Knight and Jemmye have a place in NOLA together! And they’re adopting a dog. GIVE THEM THEIR OWN REALITY SHOW, MTV! Jemmye’s taking kickboxing classes.

10:48pm – This is kind of awkward, they’re talking about Jemmye’s St. Patrick’s Day breakdown which was related to her abuse. Jemmye’s glad she went because it helped her start healing herself.

Jemmye says she broke that day because it was the anniversary of when he left her abusive boyfriend.

10:49pm – Knight says when he found out, he didn’t want to be the asshole he usually is and tried to help her. Ashlee asks if Knight can just say he loves Jemmye. Knight kind of danced around saying they were together and Jemmye gets upset about him not just saying so.

10:50pm – Knight then just joked he was in love with Ashlee and fake kissed her. Even Ryan didn’t think that was good timing.

The host says that verbal abuse can be as bad as physical, but Jemmye jumps in and says that she should have stood up for herself more and told Knight when to stop. If she had done that he would have stopped. Like a lot stuff covered on this reunion, these are things that were said on the show-proper and probably don’t need repeating.

10:55pm – Knight’s talking about moving to NOLA because you can carry booze around in a cup. He’s working at a clothing boutique. He doesn’t mention Jemmye. I’d imagine that’s just editing because Jemmye already talked about them living together and whatnot, but who knows. I don’t want to be the asshole who blames editing 😉

10:56pm – Interviews reveal that Ashlee was a huge gossip hound and wanted to know everything that was going on. Sounds like she turned some mole hills into mountains.

10:57pm – Ashlee says that she got some stuff done, but knew her grandfather was gonna watch and wouldn’t be hooking up with people on screen. Huh, a young person with presence of mind and restraint, how refreshing. I am getting old.

Preston and Marty are not together. Jemmye doesn’t think it’s over. Preston doesn’t comment.

McKenzie’s still with Grant, they’re doing the long distance thing.

10:58pm – No one drags the word “shit” out more than this host. She’s the WORST! I noticed this during the reunion of the last season of Real World. Next week we’ve got a “Shit They Should Have Shown” episode. Ugh, I don’t think I’ll live blog that shiz, but I’ll probably do a summary, so come back next week!


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