Casting Internets

It was another busy week, so I’ve been saving up links the whole time.

Happy belated St. Patty’s Day! I wore my “Irish I Had A Beer” shirt and my Notre Dame hat, but Phil Noto‘s drawing makes it all the better.

I’ve got a bunch of stuff going live on CBR like a piece about the upcoming Image comic Undying Love. When you’re done with that check out the piece I did with Cullen Bunn and Matt Kindt about The Tooth from Oni. I also talked to Bunn about his C2E2-announced book Fear Itself: The Deep. And finally feast your eyes on Nonplayer from Nate Simpson, that book looks crazy pretty.

I also did a piece over on MTV Geek positing a crossover between Xombi and iZombie.

My buddy Ben Morse summed up my problem with how many writers treat the New Teen Titans in modern comics, by making them the Wooderson from Dazed and Confused of the comics world. This will be the first of at least two D&C references in this Casting Internets.

The best news about the new Superman movie aside from Zack Snyder’s involvement is that it won’t have any connection to the previous Superman movies which I dislike greatly. (via /Film)

On the other side of the comic book movie coin, CBR says that Darren Aronofsky will now NOT be working on The Wolverine because it would take him out of the country for too long.

/Film says that Richard Linklater might be doing a new version of The Incredible Mr. Limpet. I love the original and he’s got a pass for life for making Dazed and Confused so I’m in.

Bloody Disgusting tells me that there’s going to be an Outpost sequel called Outpost: Black Sun by the same guys that wrote and directed the original. I dug the first one enough to come back for more.
The Autumn Society‘s teaming up with Gallery1988 for “The 3B Show” which will feature art based on Bill & Ted, Back To The Future and Beetlejuice. It’s like they asked 8 year old me which movies to draw and complied!

Finally, I like how TLo went through previous Wonder Woman costumes before talking about the one fellow Toledioan Adrianne Palicki sported in the show’s first press photo. For what it’s worth, I dig the costume.

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