Casting Internets

Wow, it has been way too long since I went through my reading material and shared them with you guys. Here’s what I’ve got, please excuse some of the older links.

First off, huge super congrats to my pal Megan for graduating nursing school! (via CKT)

I chatted with Joshua Williamson about his upcoming Image book Xenoholics and Ron Marz about all his upcoming Top Cow projects for CBR.

I also wrote about the Williams-Sonoma free comic by CB Cebulski and Todd Nauck to help benefit Share Our Strength AND took a look at Luke Cage’s costumes throughout the years.

Jim Shooter went on a storytelling rant I quite enjoyed, especially the part about how comic writers don’t introduce characters anymore. I also agree that too many comics now are derivative of old ones. So, so true.
Wynn Ryder did Leonard from Big Bang Theory over on his sketchblog The Daily Sketchjam.

/Film passed along a rumor that Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme might be in Expendables 2. That is amazing. Also, John Travolta. Eh.

HBO’s Tales From The Crypt series holds a very special place in my heart, so I’m definitely curious about a new version that will be less of an anthology and more of an ongoing series. (/Film)

Anyone who reads this blog on the regular will know that I’m a sucker for honest, behind-the-scenes stories and 1989 Captain America director Albert Pyun talking to CBR about his movie fits the bill absolutely.
Chris Sinderson mashed up Jack Kirby’s Kamandi with the Peanuts over on Drawbridge.

Tim Seeley’s writing Masters of the Universe minicomics through Dark Horse? Very cool. (via CBR)

I haven’t read GQ‘s oral history of The Dana Carvey Show yet because it’s 7 pages, but I’m excited to.

Brian Truitt wrote a great piece about MASK for USA Today. Good stuff. If you wonder what I thought about the new DVDs, click here.

As a big Hong Kong Phooey fan, I’m less concerned about the possibility of Eddie Murphy voicing the title character than I am of the movie being live action with a CGI HKP. Let’s go full on CGI with this one! (via /Film)If you haven’t yet, do yourself a favor and check out Phil Noto‘s blog where he’s doing a series of drawings in a late 60s style supposedly from Hank Pyn’s Photo Archives.

I’m a big fan of Alice Cooper, so I’m jazzed to hear that he’s got a new record coming out on September 13th called Welcome 2 My Nightmare. (via Rolling Stone)

/Film told me that Roseanne’s working on a new sitcom called Downwardly Mobile. I will absolutely, positively watch that.

Did you know that only Storm appeared in the 90s Spider-Man Secret Wars cartoon arc because of plane tickets? I didn’t either until I read last week’s Comic Book Legends Revealed.

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