Halloween Scene Trade Post: iZombie Volume 2 uVampire

iZombie Volume 2: uVampire (DC/Vertigo)
Written by Chris Roberson, drawn by Mike Allred with Gilbert Hernandez
Collects iZombie #6-12 & House Of Mystery Halloween Annual #2

It’s safe to say that I was both impressed by and absorbed with the first volume of Chris Roberson and Mike Allred’s iZombie, the book about a zombie named Gwen who digs people up once a month to eat their brains and deal with some of the residual problems therein. The mix of a grand, well explained mythology, new twists on old themes, multiple interconnected storylines and characters I was both interested in and concerned for made for excellent reading.

As such, I was pretty jazzed when I was able to set up a Swap for the second and third volumes. Every time I find a new series I like, one of the fun aspects comes in tracking down all the trades on the cheap. Sequential Swap is always the first place I look. If that doesn’t work, I usually keep an eye out for website sales and the like. Mostly, I’m pretty patient when it comes to such things, so I don’t mind waiting a while. I was surprised and happy to discover I wouldn’t have to wait too long to continue on with Gwen’s adventures.

Actually, now that I think about it, Gwen almost takes a backseat in this collection. She’s definitely there and dealing with her own thing — which involves eating the brain of the mother of her old friend which actually brings up some long-forgotten parts of her pre-undead life — but supporting characters Scott the were-terrier, Ellie the ghost, Gwen’s monster hunter boyfriend and even a coven of vampires also get a good deal of page time which makes this world feel all the richer.

Some people might see this collection as kind of a set-up or bridge before things presumably get crazy in the third and fourth books (that’s all there is, the fourth isn’t even out yet). There are definite hints at larger things going on in this universe, but I’m far more interested in what’s going on with the characters and how they react to the wild situations they find themselves in the middle of. I have confidence that Roberson will continue to bring unique twists and turns to some of the tropes we’re so familiar with. I’m especially looking forward to what happens when Gwen and her boyfriend Horatio find out the truth about one another. But be cool, don’t say anything, I’ve got two more books to read!

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