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It’s been a while, so get ready for a tidal wave of links.

Hey look, some website called MMERadio thinks it’s okay to steal my shit WHOLESALE off of without linking back to where it came forms or paying me. Classy.

In more fun news, I had a wonderful time playing Famous Objects From Classic Movies–essentially movie-based hangman–until I hit this one and was completely confused. What does that image look like to you?

There’s a new Destructor story starting up today. And I mean fully new, not just new to the internet. Check it out.

Check this out, Tom Spurgeon’s interviewing folks over on, starting off with Matt Fraction.

$0.99 for a 100 word poem? Eh. Oh, it’s written by Neil Gaiman and drawn by Jim Lee? Color me curious. (via Vertigo)

Dig this Street Fighter-themed turn on Failbook. Funny stuff.

Instructables tells you how to make one of the few chocolate candies I love, Cadburry Creme Eggs.

I’m a big fan of Jason Horn’s Shelf Porn over on Robot 6. I’m jealous of his Super Power collection and the space he has to display them and his original He-Man toys!Dave Perillo tackled MASK and VENOM for a commission. Holy crap they look awesome. Click through to see the VENOM piece.

Chris Mautner’s Seth-based Comics College was pretty informative. This column is an excellent resource.

Have you guys been looking at Eli Kochalka’s Monster Attack as posted by his dad James on American Elf? What a rad thing for a dad to do for his kid.
There’s just too much cool Doctor Who art out there like RedBubble‘s T-shirt mashie of the band The Who and the Doctors. (via Shirtoid)

Tobe Hooper might be directing a haunted house movie called Djinn. I don’t know, you guys. Dude earned a career’s worth of good will after making one of the three greatest horror movies of all time, so I want this movie to be good. I just don’t know if it’s possible. (/Film)
Oh man, that Charlie Sheen is completely out of his mind. At least it’s lead to a funny Tumblr called Sheen Family Circus. (via Spurge)

You want to know when you’re screwed? “The ‘Kryptonian killing machine’ has come for Eradicator and only the Outsiders stand in his way.” It was nice knowing you, Outsiders. (The Source)

Finally, I agree, this is how Harry Potter should end. I actually had a lengthy conversation with my wife about this. She used a lot of magic excuses. (via IHC)

Casting Internets

Happy fourth birthday to Horror Movie A Day (a few days ago). I’ve been enjoying that site for years and can’t imagine the amount of time Brian has put into it. Kudos, sir!

Bleeding Cool says that Terry Jones is working on a four part TV version of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens. This should be interesting. This was the first piece of work I read from either writer and I loved it back then.

Tom Spurgeon nails it in this assessment of an interview I linked to yesterday.

Dean over at Springfield Punx tackles Doctor Who and Torchwood‘s adorable Jack Harkness.

I have no idea what “nerdcore” is as a music subgenere, but I will download this free compilation from Nerdcore Now. (via Wired)

I know this is a few days old, but I just got around to reading Wired‘s Scott Thill talking to Daytripper’s Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba. I really dug that book even though I had no idea what was going on. Can’t wait to read it again in trade form.

Casting Internets

Check out this comparison I wrote of the old and new Thundercats for MTV Geek. I’m super psyched for this show and the toys.

Aw bummer, just as I’m getting into the White Stripes, they announce their break-up. Luckily I’ve still got some of their records I haven’t absorbed yet. (via Rolling Stone)

My buddy Alex Segura talks to Robot 6 about comic book PR. Dude knows his stuff.

I found a new blog I love called Crucial VHS! Enjoy the schlock.

Carlton Cuse muses on life after Lost over at the New York Times.

There’s almost no news in this /Film piece other than that Warner Bros. has picked up the rights to do Fletch movies. As a long time fan of the two Chevy Chase movies and the three books I’ve read, I’m pretty in favor of this. The more Fletch the better!

Whoa, go look at this. talks about getting some auteurs in video games, comparing them to movie directors. I’m firmly in favor of that idea, but disagree with the idea that a video game director might need to know how to program. Movie directors don’t need to know how to do everything that goes into the movies they make. That’s the beauty of being a director.

Bloody Disgusting says there’s the sequel to The Strangers, a flick I dug, might start filming this year. I had no idea this was even in the works, but it sounds fun.

Have fun flipping through Gadget Lab‘s gallery of vintage posters. Fun stuff.

Casting Internets

Hey look, I wrote this thing about giant Hulk collectibles for! And this thing about Hercules’ different costumes!

I also wrote Crossovers We Want To See: JSA & Invaders for MTV Geek.

And also, if you’re looking to see what’s on in the next two days, check out my TV column at Maxim. After seeing a bunch of shitty photos of the toys and whatnot the other day, it’s good to see legit artwork from the new Thundercats on CBR. I’m jazzed about the series and hope it eventually includes Silverhawks in an episode!

The other day’s Drawbridge art blog topic is Doctor Who. Check it out!

Bully‘s post about death in Fantastic Four comics is hilarious. Highly recommended.

Esquire asks if Kevin Smith is Hollywood’s Sarah Palin. I wanted to answer “no way” after reading it, but Stephen Garrett laid down a pretty convincing argument. Heck, even I’m getting a bit sick of his rantings and ravings and I’m a fan.

This infographic of all the Autobots in both vehicle and robot mode is pretty impressive and super duper geeky. (via /Film)

I understand very little of what my buddies Kiel and Ben say about Smallville, but it makes me want to watch that show. At least from the part where they start bringing in other heroes. Holy cats, I want these Back To The Future II 25th anniversary MiniMates. I know these Bill Mudron Amy Pond and River Song prints have gone around, but they just look so neat! Heck, $20 a pop ain’t that price either.
(via Shirtoid)

Casting Internets

Hey gang, this’ll be the last Casting Internets for the week as we’re traveling to New Hampshire for Christmas. It’s kind of a light day, but there’s some goodies in here.

Lucasfilm has been sending out rad Christmas cards for 33years and now you can see them all on! The missus literally laughed herself to tears reading the latest Hyperbole and a Half which recalls Allie’s recreation of the nativity story when she was 6. My favorite quote is “Jesus loves Kenny Loggins” followed close by “Kenny Loggins is immortal.” Check out Gentle Giant’s new series of Doctor Who Masterpiece busts starting off with Matt Smith’s Doctor and Amy Pond.

Mattel sent out Gray Ghost figure holiday cards to places like Fwoosh? That’s awesome. Mine must have gotten lost in the mail…I’ve had the black & white one volume version of Bone sitting in my to-read pile for years, but now I kind of want to wait for the fully colored version. (via Robot 6)

Casting Internets

Wow, congrats to my boy Jim McCann for being more interesting than Yoko Ono according to Pop Candy!

I’ve never listened to ICP, but their business model is fascinating as is Wired‘s lengthy article about the rap duo who happened to come grow up not far from where I’m from. Also, they believe in the Secret. Whoda thunkit.

Andy Cohen talks to Whitney Matheson. Fun stuff. Gah, Fabio Moon drew the Demon! So awesome.

I love John Cusack and Edgar Allan Poe but will these be two great tastes that taste great together? Hope so. (via /Film)Have I mentioned that I love how The Fwoosh takes the old He-Man posters and Photoshops the existing figures into them? This one is my new wallpaper. Hit the link to not only see the new Buzz Off figure (my all-time favorite classic toy) but the other two posters like this one.

“Is Nic Cage just doing anything these days?” – the missus after seeing the Season of the Witch trailer. I’m going with yes.

Casting Internets

Big ups to my boy Agent M for finding and linking to Dan McDaid‘s Dr. Doom vs. Doctor Who artwork. It’s glorious!

Go look at Bob Mitchell in the 21st Century’s I’m the Goddamn Golden Age Batman entry for this week. It’s hilarious.

I have a longstanding love of Nerf and this N-Strike Stampede ECS-50 which I saw over on Entertainment Earth blew me away. It’s so wonderfully complicated!

There’s some interesting moves going on over at DC. Interesting moves indeed.

Pop Candy‘s Whitney Matheson talked to the lovely Christina Hendricks at a party hosted by Johnny Walker. She drinks her whiskey on the rocks. Oh goodness. Can she get any better?

What a strange Amalgam mixing Luke Cage and Metamorpho, but I kind of love it. This Mighty Fine Ghost Rider T-shirt is giving me 80s/90s T-shirt flashbacks in a good way. 26 bucks for a shirt’s kinda crazy though. (via Shirtoid)