Real World Watcher New Orleans “Sing Out, Cop Out”

You’ll notice a new addition to the live blog format this time around as, half way through the episode, I started adding the time whatever I wrote about was happening. I figure this will help you guys match up my commentary with…well, the EST I watched it the first time around. Anyway, the episode is separated into three parts. One half consists of what I’ve called The Toothbrush Incident which happened a few episodes back, when Preston supposedly cleaned the toilet with and peed on Ryan’s toothbrush. A quarter involves Jemmye’s mom visiting and the other quarter is about Sahar kinda sorta going after her musical aspirations. Hit the jump for all the deets.

This is supposed to be a pretty explosive episode with Ryan and Preston possibly throwing down.

Oh gross, they’ve got cockroaches. Preston goes to kill it, but only knocks it down. Preston puts the dead roach under Ryan’s pillow.

Ryan asks Eric if Preston did anything with Ryan’s toothbrush. Eric says Preston cleaned the toilet with it. Ryan’s all upset, but he rubbed Preston’s cigarettes on his ass. So, to get back at him, Ryan cuts Preston’s hat with a kitchen knife, slasher style.
Ryan says he wants to go home. Knight says he’d knock someone out for doing that to his toothbrush and that if Ryan’s gonna go home he should at least punch Preston. Knight thinks doing that to a toothbrush is crossing the line. I don’t disagree.

Ryan’s pissed that his roommates didn’t tell him. It’s funny because McKenzie thought Sahar would be the reason Ryan found out and it ended up being other people, she tries to stay out of the whole thing. He then says that he did not put Preston’s smokes in his ass, which we saw him do on camera. Sahar calls him on being a hypocrite.

I know he’s super angry, but Ryan just looks like an upset little girl with his flowing blonde hair and tight pants.

Preston comes back from his walk and confronts him about it. Preston admits to doing it. Ryan gets up in Preston’s face (more specifically his neck) looking like he wants to kiss him. Just saying.

Back from commercial, Ryan says he never did anything to Preston. Knight comes in and pulls Ryan back (all the roommates are waiting outside to see what happens when Preston gets back from his walk). Now Ryan’s saying that Preston is a child because he dealt with things like this. YOU JUST DID THE SAME THING BY DESTROYING HIS HAT!
McKenzie comes out and tells them to go inside because the neighbors are filming them from their balcony. YOU’RE ON TV!

“I’ve seen chicks go at it harder than that.” – Knight. Hahaha. Knight’s a trouble maker, though he only seemed to say this to the camera in an interview.

Ryan wants Preston to buy him a new toothbrush head. Preston says nothing.

Jemmye’s mom Alice is coming for a visit. Knight jumps on the phone and she calls him “son.” Weird. They really do talk and Knight flirts with her which is…odd. Ashlee also thinks it’s weird.
Oh, are they bringing Sahar to the forefront now? She was in danger of becoming the forgotten roommate.

They call Sahar “Hollywood” cause she’s got a great voice and at least Jemmye thinks she should head to Hollywood. Sahar lacks confidence, just like Erika from DC who left like a lamewad without doing anything to help her musical career.

Preston doesn’t even know that Ryan destroyed his hat, just that it’s missing.

Now Knight’s telling Ryan that he heard Preston peed on his toothbrush as well. Let’s see how the super-mature Ryan handles this. Yeah, kind of like I thought, he’s making himself look tortured out in the common rooms where everyone can see him. It looks like even the cameras are avoiding him, lest he lose it and go for that knife again.

Hey, I just realized I should add time stamps. We’ll see how this works.

10:21pm – Back from the commercial. Jemmye and Ryan are talking about the sitch with Preston. It’s pretty much what you’d expect.

10:22 pm – Sahar and the girls are going out to check some female musician’s one woman show, named Theresa Andersson. She’s actually pretty cool. She plays guitar and has a crazy number of pedals and also drums. Oh, there’s a violin too.
10:24pm – Sahar’s super nervous about talking to Theresa after the show, so Ashlee jumps in and does it, then brings Sahar over. Sahar’s gushing. She gives Theresa her Email which was kinda awkward.

10:25pm – Jemmye and Knight are in bed when her mom shows up and rings the bell. Jemmye doesn’t know what the sound is. Alice gives her some lip for being messy, as any mother would. The introduction between her and Knight is alright. OH, they were supposed to pick her up at the airport and they didn’t! Jemmye thinks her mom didn’t call because she wanted to catch her doing something naughty.

10:27pm – Knight and Jemmye take Alice to the French Quarter. They get a shot in the middle of the day. Makes me want to go to New Orleans. They go on a horse-drawn carriage ride, it has a sign that reads “Just Married.”
10:28pm – Ryan’s talking to his mom about Preston. I don’t understand how peeing on the toothbrush is worse than scrubbing the toilet with it.

10:32pm – Sure it’s inappropriate, but I like how Knight jokes around with Alice.

10:32pm – Theresa invites Sahar to her kitchen where she records all her music.

10:33pm – Ew, Sahar does a Netty Pot to clean herself out. You basically pour water into one nostril and it comes out the other. The missus has done it and it’s super gross. Note: don’t mistake it for a tiny tea pot, your tea will taste gross.
10:34pm – Whoa, Ryan calls the cops about pressing charges against Preston. The cop takes all his information and, for what it’s worth, Ryan doesn’t exaggerate the facts (he says Preston wasn’t violent at the time and doesn’t have a weapon). He doesn’t tell anyone he called the cops though.

10:35pm – Ryan’s saying that Preston was way worse than he was in this whole thing and Ryan thinks Preston needs to learn a lesson because apparently he thinks he’s judge and jury. You know what that means. Executioner is next…

10:35pm – Oh snap, Preston’s sleeping on the couch as the cops come up the outside stairs.

10:39pm – Back from the commercial, the cops roll in and Ryan points them towards Preston. Preston is shocked. Preston’s playing it smart and not saying whether he did it or not and asks if he should get a lawyer.
10:40pm – Eric thinks Ryan over reacted as do the other roommates who can’t seem to hold back their laughter at the stupid situation.
10:41pm – Ryan asks if Preston feels guilty. He just smiles. Ryan says he thinks Preston’s really scared. The cops then ask him if he will come down to the police station.  Sahar jokes with the cops that this doesn’t seem like the thing they should get called out for. Preston knows his rights and says that he won’t go unless he’s under arrest. Smart dude. I’d probably have gone because I do not know my rights.

10:42pm – Ryan goes with the cops to make a statement. “Jail might be like paradise for you.” – Knight to Preston. Everyone gets a laugh out of that. Ryan tries to get in the passenger seat of the cop car and one of the two cops tells him he needs to get in the back. Hilarious. I don’t know if they actually go to the station or Ryan just gives the statement in the back of the car. It’s not clear.

10:43pm – MTV just totally spoiled what’s about to come up by recapped the Toothbrush Incident and then showing Preston apologizing and Ryan hugging him…from behind. Just saying.

10:44pm – That was a short break. The police come back in and ask Preston to come outside to talk. The cop says Preston’s not being charged and that he doesn’t want to come back out for something like this. That’s it.

10:45pm – Ryan’s convinced that Preston learned a lesson because the cops came out. “Bitch boy better not say one damn thing to me.” – Preston. Agreed, dude. Ah jeez, all this happened while Alice was there! Hopefully they were out enjoying the city or something.

10:46pm – Alice and Jemmye are out at a restaurant together and talking about Knight. Alice likes him a lot and thinks he’s a good match for Jemmye.

10:47pm – Now Sahar’s over at Theresa’s house, hanging out in her kitchen. Theresa asks her about her goals while in New Orleans, then Sahar sings for her. She’s really good, but she doesn’t know “Swing Low Sweet Chariot.” Really? Theresa seems super nice and supportive.
10:49pm – Theresa says she’ll be on stage before she leaves New Orleans, or else she’ll be dead.

10:49pm – Ryan comes up to Preston like everything’s cool and fine. He’s way too energetic. I think this dude’s on drugs or faking the whole thing.

10:50pm – Ryan hugs Preston from behind and asks if Preston feels the love. Preston says he feels awkward. I wish he would have really stepped to Preston and gotten knocked out. Some people just need an ass kicking.
10:51pm – YES! Jemmye thinks Ryan has serial killer tendencies too!

10:54pm – Of course, they save the roommates going to help out at a soup kitchen for the last 6 minutes of the show. They get a tour and then start working in the kitchen. Back in my day, this would have been half an episode (old man rant over).
10:56pm – Haha, the lady yells at Ryan for playing with one of the girls’ ears. He’s so freaking weird.

10:57pm – Preston straight up apologizes to Ryan about The Toothbrush Incident. He doesn’t really know why he did it, feels bad about it and questions what it says about him as a person that he would do that to someone else.

10:58pm – Preston’s looking for his debit card, but Ryan’s on the phone and says that he threw it out the window to whoever he’s talking to (I missed it while looking for the pics in the post). WTF?! This kid’s nuts. Preston actually did some soul searching and realized he overreacted, yet Ryan keep being a little sociopath. He’s also making potentially lewd gestures with his hands…to someone he’s talk to on the phone. Genius.
Hey that whole time stamp thing wasn’t as hard as I though it would be.

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